allseeingoracle asked: Did Barbara Gordon really babysit Dick Grayson? I noticed that this is a running theme in the fan fiction tag here. So I was curios to know if this was canon or fanon.

I don’t recall her baby-sitting him in the official sense, but I do recall a panel from Devin Grayson’s run on Nightwing — I think it was Nightwing #86? — where Dick really did seem a bit juvenile and the reader might’ve thought that Barbara felt like a baby-sitter at the time.

Mostly it’s just fanon!

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Birds of Prey #37

Anonymous asked: How did Babs and Sick get back together when he proposed because I know that they broke up before that but I do not know how they got back together.

They didn’t get back together! He was thinking about her a lot in the lead-up to Infinite Crisis, and he proposed to her right before he left to take part in that event.

Birds of Prey, #8

Aggressive PSA About Dick Grayson


I’m going to address the two ton elephant in the fandom: the fan interpretation of Dick Grayson. So yeah, I’m basically going to say out loud what half of you are thinking and what the other half of you are ignorant of.

Dick Grayson is not an eternally happy-go-lucky, trusting, or friendly guy. There, I said it. Dick has flaws. Bring on the pitchforks, fandom, I’ll fight you to the death. I’m glad that Dick Grayson is such a popular character, but the fact that so many people characterize him wrong drives me crazy. Yes. You should love Dick Grayson. You should also make sure you’re loving Dick Grayson for the right reasons.

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My friend has been writing this rant up for days, and I think this is a REALLY important thing to keep in mind. Fanon!Dick is super fun, but it’s important not to get him mixed up with canon!Dick. They’re too very different people, and you’d do well to keep it in mind.

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After I have seen the new batgirl I thought I could make a new nightwing too LOL

 Sometimes our only comfort comes from believing that there is no chance. That whatever happens in this world happens for a reason.

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Comic Meme> [3/5] Favorite Males

    Dick Grayson//Nightwing

"Because when you get down to it, my life isn’t about the costumes or the bad guys. It’s not about cities or symbols. It’s way simpler than that. I mean, I grew up in a circus. It’s always been about catching people when they fall.”


Whenever I don’t draw Dick/Babs in a long time, I feel like a mother who’s been neglecting her child ;u;


Whenever I don’t draw Dick/Babs in a long time, I feel like a mother who’s been neglecting her child ;u;